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Ssangyong Brush Industry
Address: Anqing Qianshan Yuantan
Contact: Wang Zhiliang
Phone: 0556-8454061 8454685
Faxs: 0556-8454979 8459686
Mobiles: 13955684357 13966627955
Product Type
Brush of a variety of door seals
Of machinery and equipment-specific brush
Strip brush, brush seal of
Scrubber brush circle, arc of
Fruit and vegetable processing equipment, brush roll
Brush plate, brush roll cleaning machine
Polished steel brush roll cleaning rust
Of the brush, strip brush, brush bar
Mine brush
Sweeper brush, brush snow removal vehicles
Nacelle of wind turbine brush seals
Shot blasting machine brush roll
Agricultural machinery and equipment brush
Brush garden machinery and equipment
Cows cleaning brush massage roller
Rubber boots with soles cleaning brush mine
Train cleaning brush, cleaning brush fence
Large shaped cleaning brush
Fireworks mechanical brush
Brush plate, disc cleaning brush
About Us  
Qianshan Ssangyong Brush Industry Co., Ltd. is specialized in designing, manufacturing various industrial brush roller manufacturers, after years of careful development and production through the exploration of domestic and foreign equipment, research, combined with the company's actual situation, we both suitable for large scale production of customers, but also to adapt to the realities of production of small customers, and according to different customer's special requirements, special processes, design and manufacturing processes meet the special industrial brushes and other ancillary products. 

The company in the production of industrial brushes on the basis of and in accordance with the requirements of the new industrial customers, has independently designed and manufactured to adapt to glass, ceramic, aluminum, wood, signs, stainless steel, copper plate, mask at grid, leather, footwear, textile, metal and non-metallic surface corrosion and other industries, to film, to the dust, throwing brush, clean, dry and other processing of products. 

Ssangyong will continue to work, constant innovation, first introduced with the advanced brush technology to produce a roller with abrasive nylon brush, pure nylon brush roller, brush roller pig series, has introduced the high-tech, self-development for cleaning, water, dehydration and other processes of the hydrophilic polymer sponge roller, significant quality and dedicated service, Ssangyong people will be more close to all customers. 

Ssangyong will follow as the leading high-tech, manufacturing process, based on the simultaneous development of other related species, actively carry out strategic approach to domestic and foreign markets, in line with realistic and enterprising Ssangyong spirit of "quality first, customers first" business purpose, similar high-quality products, preferential price, perfect service system, and achieved wide acclaim across manufacturers, sincerely willing to work closely with friends, go hand in hand.
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Address:Anqing Qianshan Yuantan   Mobiles:13955684357 13966627955   Phone:0556-8454061 8454685   Faxs:0556-8454979 8459686
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