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      "This brush is Gansha for?" In Jinjiang Wangfujing shopping malls, people on both sides of the escalator Wang Li found that more than two swarthy brush. She stood in front of a child, but also curious to Stick 'em to the brush, brush was bounced back. If you do not brush, a child's foot may be drawn into the escalator. Yesterday, Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Cong Jinjiang and Qu Zhijian Bureau was informed that currently, 12 supermarkets, shopping malls in the first pilot installation of escalators on the success of security brush, after April 22, Jinjiang in turn has 13 supermarkets and shopping malls will be set up in-store escalator safety brush.

Escalator installed on the brush

Child's feet safe

Previously, some supermarkets in Chengdu there had been cases of escalator injuries. The reason is because supermarkets escalator steps and the gap between the side skirts, lace, or if there are other things fall into the gap, can be twining accident. After installing the security brush, soft brush blocking the stairs and the gap between the side skirt, lace and so on to prevent being involved in the escalator.

Wangfujing mall escalators in the mouth, Chengdu Business Daily reporter saw safety device consists of brush and brush the base of two parts. Jinjiang special equipment, according to Bureau of Quality Supervision Division is responsible for travel to east introduction, the base must be a good unit body structure does not allow the possibility of dangerous and can easily removed without injury. Brush must be soft and has a certain hardness, will not damage the clothing, can also play a role in blocking and protection.

Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Zai Wangfu and Jing Shangchang see a child brush curious to see the initiative will extend past the foot, brush "shabu" to look at the child's feet will be bounced back, and shoes without any damage .

12 supermarkets have been the pilot

There are 13 to install

"In the elevator safety warning signs last year's first batch of pilot work, a total of 12 companies completed a comprehensive installation of warning signs and safety brush pilot work to improve the safety performance of the escalator." Jinjiang Zhou Bolin said Deputy Secretary for Quality Supervision, April 22, from the beginning, they will be implemented in the area warning signs second elevator safety pilot work, to further ensure the safe operation of special equipment.

According to Zhou Bolin introduced, according to the requirements of supermarkets and shopping centers to participate in the pilot to the escalator on each floor (including walkways) permanently installed at the entrance of 0.5 m red yellow warning signs (content, "Please stand behind the yellow line to take the elevator or less") , and 1 m in the upper and lower entrance mark the double solid yellow lines, in order to achieve the purpose of warning. Escalators and moving walkways and the ground clearance at the handrails should be blocked material. Sightseeing elevator, passenger elevators, freight elevators at the entrance to be set at 1 m permanent yellow warning solid line.

According to reports, the next, Jinjiang District 13 in the other supermarkets, shopping malls are also expected to install such safety brush and warning signs. The next step, the success of this pilot safety Jinjiang brush device also other supermarkets in Chengdu on the mall escalator installation.

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