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Install anti-mall escalator brush pressure

  Chun Xi Road, Chengdu, often visiting the Lee recently found that people in the Wangfujing shopping district Chunxi, Ito-Yokado and other large shopping centers on both sides of the escalator, out of more than two swarthy brush. He expressed his heart wondering: These brushes are used to polish shoes? Or to slow down the escalator?

"Install these brushes pinch, in order to avoid being involved in child's feet running escalator." Afternoon of April 18, Jinjiang District Chengdu Bureau of Quality Supervision, responsible person, the installation of brush blocking the escalator steps and skirt the gap between, can effectively protect passengers (especially children) safe.

Up to now, Chun Xi Road Jinjiang District has 12 shopping malls and other places of nearly 230 escalators installed such equipment. April 22 until June, Jinjiang another 13 planned for the area supermarket or mall escalator on the addition of brush, safety warning signs.

Child kicked the brush quickly bounced back foot

At 12:00 on the 18th, public Liu with children, arrived at the Chengdu Rd of a large mall. In the escalator, Mr. Liu saw the children kept the foot kicked the side of the escalator black brush. But when the child kicked brush, the foot was quickly bounced back.

"This device is called the pinch brush, and brush from the base of two parts." Jinjiang Bureau of Quality Supervision Bureau of Special Equipment related to the staff, the general mall escalator steps and gaps exist between the side skirt. Passengers (especially children) when riding the escalator, shoelaces or trousers so easy to fall into the gap, there may be caught in the escalator is running, which is involved in the escalator.

The staff, blocking the escalator brush pinch gap, while required, the facility must be both soft brush has a certain hardness, and not to hurt the clothing. So when the brush hit the shoes of passengers, it will automatically recover, play a role in blocking and protection.

The second group of people line the escalator renovation completed in June

Chun Xi Road, the staff at a large mall, lots of shopping in downtown, a total of 50 escalators, pinch brush after you install security has greatly improved the level of the safe operation of the escalator.

"Since installation in July last year, there has not been caught in an accident the passengers." Mall staff said that as the older mall escalator equipment, shopping malls will be based on the actual situation on the device to be adjusted to optimum operation.

Currently, Jinjiang Quality Supervision Bureau in the Wangfujing Department Store, Ito-Yokado, 12 large shopping malls on the escalator, the installation of 4400 meters of brush pinch. To invest nearly 35 million yuan to install safety warning signs.

"As the pre-trial effect, we will further the implementation of 'Long Hair' shopping malls." 18 pm, Jinjiang Chen introduced the Quality Supervision Bureau staff, starting from April 22, will Chunxi Road, Yanshikou etc. Another 13 shopping malls (including the Wanda Plaza, Kowloon Plaza, etc.), to carry out the second batch of pedestrian warning signs escalator safety promotion program in June to complete this work.


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