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Ssangyong Brush Industry
Address: Anqing Qianshan Yuantan
Contact: Wang Zhiliang
Phone: 0556-8454061 8454685
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Mobiles: 13955684357 13966627955
Product Type
Brush of a variety of door seals
Of machinery and equipment-specific brush
Strip brush, brush seal of
Scrubber brush circle, arc of
Fruit and vegetable processing equipment, brush roll
Brush plate, brush roll cleaning machine
Polished steel brush roll cleaning rust
Of the brush, strip brush, brush bar
Mine brush
Sweeper brush, brush snow removal vehicles
Nacelle of wind turbine brush seals
Shot blasting machine brush roll
Agricultural machinery and equipment brush
Brush garden machinery and equipment
Cows cleaning brush massage roller
Rubber boots with soles cleaning brush mine
Train cleaning brush, cleaning brush fence
Large shaped cleaning brush
Fireworks mechanical brush
Brush plate, disc cleaning brush

       Wang Jingzhi to build a large plant of the news came out, many people have been eager to see him. Little things in the modern factory, with production?

The last century, many large companies because of poor brush and other reasons have been lost, and Anhui, Wu Ma Yu-Tong card brand and the brush has quickly become a rookie on the Chinese market, come from behind. Today, the two companies occupied the Chinese market, almost half of the brush business, and into the OBI, Carrefour, Orient Home for such a large chain stores. From the start to the separation

Speaking of two Brush the company's development, without mentioning the now 70-year-old founder of Wang Anfu. 30 years ago, a chance, Wang Anfu Pixuansongdao Zhejiang long do extensive coal miners. Mine was on the rope, brush and other tools are extremely scarce. One day, the mine led to ask, if the justice who would like mahjong. Wangan Fu said he would, ancestral craft. Mine leadership of bad music, so he rushed home mahjong rope, do brush for mine needed.

Since then, Wangan Fu began doing brush to make a living. Also, every household in town where he learned to do related to Wangan Fu a brush. To the late 1980s, brush with the industry is fiercely competitive.

As the traditional craft of brush that poor workmanship, is that there is no technical content. In order to achieve the purpose of cheap, many people simply start cutting corners. As a result, the quality of brush start worrying, it was a joke, before the brush is the package does not shed, right now, in turn, is not included the hair off. A series of pressure Jia overwhelmed, at a family meeting, Wang Anfu three sons decided to split friendship: split the debt, reducing stress, mobilize the enthusiasm of all, the development of self-seeking. Highly questionable start

30-year-old boss Wang Jingzhi with the longest brush his father, born daring, he determined to use the stronger separation of the opportunity, first follow the state-owned giant, run a regular company.

Wang Jingzhi to build a large plant of the news came out, many people have been eager to see him. Little things in the modern factory, with production? Lack of financing, Wang Jingzhi have to run again and again to the bank, to pay people to talk about things smile. Later, a credit director asked him straight to the point: we put the money out is to recover the past, what means to guarantee? Wang Jingzhi said: I took the pledge to build the plant you? Director said: remote parts of the house that fear is not sold, so not guaranteed. Wang Jingzhi severely heart simply said: The plant was built in the downtown area of the national highway, so the total value, right?

Wang Jingzhi This is indeed a ground-breaking at the time. Laugh at the sound of neighbors, Wang Jingzhi this out farmers, really began in the edge of a busy national road building high-rise buildings of their own.

Plant after the completion of luxury, some people still shake their heads: Unfortunately, such a beautiful plant is used to make small brushes. However, Wang Jingzhi study completed at this time had large state-owned brush factory, started recruiting a. So many years of exploration experience in the production and study tour to go out, where the master the best techniques, he well known. Wang Jingzhi intends to recruit those people under the entry for their own work.

At the same time, Wang Jingzhi also continue to persuade the powerful combination of younger brothers, to do the best brand of brush, because in their ten years of technical experience, this is not difficult.

Repeated efforts, his younger brother, third brother, was finally moved, he said, also in the eyes of other people do not understand, they officially registered the company, built a modern factory with his brother the same, but also for decades have been unknown brush to apply a registered trademark. Footsteps.

Groups of brush produced, Wang Jingzhi personally, he finished two car shipped to nearby brush, Nanjing, Hefei, Anqing, and several other cities, according to a certain number of those put to the big brush Hardware of the company, paint shop consignment. Brush the market value of the two vehicles was about 100 million people laugh he is not crazy, this money can be collected back? Wang Jingzhi does not think so, he thought that his brush of good quality and definitely one to buy.

It soon confirmed his guess, only a month later, local businesses have call letters, he rushed to supply. At this point, Wang Jingzhi and his brush became a hit, and his brother were also ride on the momentum, to follow his production business model. Three brothers soon come to the fore in the industry, sales began to grow exponentially brush. To the 1990s, two brothers and three of the company's fixed assets has reached tens of millions, and its sales network throughout the country.

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Address:Anqing Qianshan Yuantan   Mobiles:13955684357 13966627955   Phone:0556-8454061 8454685   Faxs:0556-8454979 8459686
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