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Ssangyong Brush Industry
Address: Anqing Qianshan Yuantan
Contact: Wang Zhiliang
Phone: 0556-8454061 8454685
Faxs: 0556-8454979 8459686
Mobiles: 13955684357 13966627955
Product Type
Brush of a variety of door seals
Of machinery and equipment-specific brush
Strip brush, brush seal of
Scrubber brush circle, arc of
Fruit and vegetable processing equipment, brush roll
Brush plate, brush roll cleaning machine
Polished steel brush roll cleaning rust
Of the brush, strip brush, brush bar
Mine brush
Sweeper brush, brush snow removal vehicles
Nacelle of wind turbine brush seals
Shot blasting machine brush roll
Agricultural machinery and equipment brush
Brush garden machinery and equipment
Cows cleaning brush massage roller
Rubber boots with soles cleaning brush mine
Train cleaning brush, cleaning brush fence
Large shaped cleaning brush
Fireworks mechanical brush
Brush plate, disc cleaning brush

 The company since its inception, the spirit of " miracle of technology to create" business philosophy, adhere to the " synchronized with the giants " development strategy, in a short few years has achieved remarkable performance and development.
Forge ahead is the company's purpose. The company never thought has done the best, but the determination to do a better job. Using the best raw materials, the best equipment, the best technology, production of the best products, best benefit is the largest object.
Working harder is our spirit. Power Chong Weizhi, industry wide but diligent. All officers of the company believe that with hard work and sweat to cast brilliant career, the world changes, changes in the market, but with us through the long road of the spirit will never change. Behind the crisis consciousness, responsibility consciousness of loving plants such as the home of condensed into the spirit, is our most valuable wealth.
Honesty and trustworthiness is our principle. In market competition, people in the performance of their ability, also display their own character, we will use high-quality products, good reputation and perfect service, to all the friends to show our moral outlook: do not say, that must be.
Looking back at the past, no regrets; looking to the future, shoulder heavy responsibilities. Before achievement, we will not think enterprising; the face of difficulties, we also will not be depressed to retreat, our choice is : never stop, never forward.

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Address:Anqing Qianshan Yuantan   Mobiles:13955684357 13966627955   Phone:0556-8454061 8454685   Faxs:0556-8454979 8459686
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